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tv   [untitled]    August 29, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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so the. we've got. the biggest issues get the human voice ceased to face with the news makers i'm. here watching r t a line from moscow our top stories this monday libyan rebels reject colonel gadhafi he's author of talks about the country's future for the national transitional council says it wants to see him in jail and not at the negotiating table. bloodshed continues in syria despite promises of past reforms with activists claiming at least five people were killed over the weekend the arab league has become the latest international body to pressure president also to end the violence. and the ultimate retreat a russian company plans to open the first summer space hotel in just five years it
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will cost intentional tourist sixty million dollars to reach out of this world view from the orbital pleasure dome. and now back to libya in the wake of the rebel success and gaining control of most of the country there's been a lot of debate regarding nato's role in it argues or am it has asked a british m.p. who opposed intervention in libya about the role western powers should play in shaping the country's future. today i'm talking to barry gardener who's a labor member of parliament and one of the very few and he's to a very serious against the intervention in libya mr gardner thanks for talking to r.t. today now we see that the rebels if we can still call them that have practically taken tripoli and looks like he's lost the fight have you changed your mind about the libyan intervention the point is the legitimacy of it and that's what in the
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beginning i think most people would agree that it was right to intervene on humanitarian grounds to save the people of benghazi that was never the its you know the issue was all this whether nato should then become involved as effectively the strikeforce for the rebel course and that's what it's been and that of course was in my view way beyond the brief that the united nations had given and it was wrong it was not this should have been about regime change the civil war in libya is something for them it's not something for the rest of the world to intervene how do you wish it could have been different then what would you have done if you'd been in charge i think what we should have seen in years we should have seen an intervention by the forces that went in to stop that attack on benghazi to neutralize gadhafi and to make sure that he then did not conduct any aggressive sorties as he had previously been doing but not that they should then become the
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air on the strike for it for the rebels david cameron said a few days ago that nato would lend support in libya for as long as civilians need protecting what was your reaction to that is that open ended commitment is it sounds. it was very clear in the original u.n. resolution it was very clear when our prime minister spoke in parliament here that there would be no. occupation force that would be totally wrong and one of the things that troubled me all this was this bill as to whether there should be troops on the ground and of course that wasn't expressly prohibited by the resolution but but it was something that i think all of us were very concerned about. what we saw as the rebels were going into tripoli the other day certainly on the radio
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programs that were broadcast in the u.k. we would go left go left and go left these instructions being yelled out by what were obviously british soldiers british personnel who were leading that advance group now that i think is where we've overstepped the line there's also now talk of pursing peacekeeping forces on the ground in libya i've seen that something you oppose but you know decimated country with no structures or maintaining order now is that not the only way i don't believe it is i don't believe it's right that we should be staying there effectively to establish a new regime that's that's not what this was originally about it was about humanitarian protection let me be clear i am very pleased to see the back of gadhafi this is a very evil dictator the sooner he is in front of the international criminal court the better. and i'm very glad that his days are now at an end. i
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wish the new regime well but i think it's important that they establish their regime that they prove to the international community that they have the capacity not to tear themselves into different factions and to live. as a strong unified government but that's their responsibility you supported the invasion of iraq back in two thousand and. three why is this so different it's very different. the invasion of iraq was because. saddam hussein had refused to reveal as some was obliged to under chapter seven of the united nations resolution whether or not the radical riddle of clear chemical. biological weapons that we knew we had previously embarked upon he refused to do
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and even as late as every hans blix was saying we do not know whether he still has these he listed a whole load of v.x. nerve gas mustard gas different agents chemical agents so we didn't know the and he was. willing to allow. other countries to come to interview the scientists to see the trails to know whether he got rid of them or not in that situation it would have been ludicrous to have had a million strong army that was on the doorstep of iraq simply go away when the resolution four hundred forty one had given iraq given him a final opportunity to comply with its obligations how the world done it and what would have happened if he would have simply rebuilt those programs with impunity knowing that he was absolutely untouchable and the world would not do anything against him we would have then been precipitated into a far more major conflict into the in the middle east between iran and iraq with
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devastating consequences destruction of the world's oil supplies it was a terrible situation and it was right that we can the action that we did now the fact that the united nations didn't sanction it in the in terms of a second resolution does not change the fact that the fortune forty one said it was the final opportunity for him to comply now i'm a parent i have children i know that if i tell my children please come and do the washing up and they go do it and i say look i've told. once already please cover up if you have twelve years of that which is what we had with saddam hussein and you then come to the point where you say this is your final chance and he still does not comply then it's important that you take the ultimate sanction after what about what happens afterwards there in iraq and afghanistan the real violence began after the dictatorships were totalled do you see that happening in libya i think there is
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a danger of this and what you saw was certainly in iraq was a complete failure of the occupying powers then to stabilize the situation and they let the the iraqi army keep their weapons but they disbanded the army they said you must go back to your villages but you can keep your weapons this is insanity absolutely insanity and we must not be in a position where what you've done is created greater instability in libya that is absolutely clear. but nonetheless equally must avoid is becoming an occupation force i think afghanistan is a very good example russia has a very bitter experience of a gamma stand as as does britain of being an occupying power and you start off being a friend of someone and you end up being hated by everyone not you pine forest is a very dangerous place to be and you should get out as quickly as you can what's
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the middle way that some would argue that the latest tech again has made the situation worse is it not their naysayers responsibility to stay and clear up and that you pose the question that really is how do you get to where you want to be and of course the answer is well i wouldn't have started from here but you're right we're now in this situation and therefore what we have to do is to ensure that we provide support for stability without our cells being that stabilizing. military force it must not be that the new government relies on the military of britain and nato in order to maintain power they must be able to do that on their own we can give advice we can give help to help them stabilize the situation but we must not assume that responsibility ourselves governments in fifth that lessons were learned from what happened in iraq but given the way that this conflict been conducted it's do you believe that it's always
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a danger for every government to my view and every army to be fighting the last war. what you do is you learn lessons from one conflict which you then take on to the next but usually you forget is the context of the situation is different the next time and therefore the lessons that you've learned from the previous experience may not be appropriate in the conflict that you are now fighting you mentioned the factions inside the national transitional council we now know that some of those factions are religious groups who hope to establish an islamic state in libya how will the attitude to that be do you think. nato and from the libyans themselves will they get a voice in this new democracy but it's not for nato or for the else to allow it's for the people of libya to decide what they want to do it's for them to decide their own future. in this country and.
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all across the world people have had to learn to live. with the fact that we have different religious different ethical values nonetheless we have to live together we have to spine some means of sharing a society sharing the country and making it work for all of us i believe the people of libya are no less capable of doing that than the people of us. for the people of the united kingdom do you think that ultimately nature's attention will cause more trouble in the middle east a region that is after all already unstable so i think the most serious i think it will if if if nato stays there as an occupation force but i don't think that is going to happen and i think the really troubling conflicts in the middle east at the moment are within syria i think if you look at bahrain and the way in which saudi arabia went into bahrain to prop up the oligarchy there against the wishes of
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the people these are the flashpoints in the middle east that still have not first asunder that is going to happen and once people have scented revolution once they have seen that freedom and a better life is possible i don't think they will go back to the yoke of the truck or see barry god thank you very much. nearly a billion people in the over going hungry. in the united states even our trash cans are filled with food you just have to go get all of these perfectly good eggs because one was cracked you need to get all over the other ones just threw them all
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the way she's from the german oh you know we really like supper. in the dumpster at one am this morning three pm this afternoon on the grill. one doesn't dumpster egg whites. delicious breakfast for the family eats and throws for about a week every year in america we throw away ninety six billion pounds of. this is nature and discover a species. communicate with the want to. test yourself and become free.
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and. see what nature can give you. i got out of the military is going to make you sixty six i got over it because it's the sings i saw the things i was doing and this is the reason the step we were given for doing it was a personal protest. during the vietnam war american war movement emerged that altered the course of history this movement didn't take place on college campuses but in barracks and on ships penetrated elite military colleges like west point and spread throughout the battlefields of vietnam. today few people know about the g.i. movement against the war in vietnam. ask the army we always said free the army or fun travel and adventure but it really meant the army.
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would be unravelled for jaxa colonel gadhafi is offer of talks about the country's future the national transitional council says it wants to see him in jail and not on the negotiating table. bloodshed in syria the new despite promises of present reforms to activists claiming at least five people were killed over the weekend the arab league has become called latest international body. russian president to and the violence. and the ultimate retreat a russian company plans to open the first ever space hotel that you find hears will cost a potential tourist fifteen million dollars to enjoy be out of this world view from the or middle class or to. get the latest from the world of sport with you know
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neil and a big month for russians basketball this gets going very shortly yes indeed we're going to find trees in who it is arts of the russian national team for the european championships some surprises we're going to tell you why that is in just a sec. thanks for joining us this is sports it's a pretty heads in using these stories. spoil sure those fiery football darby ends up all square between sports and serious cup. final cuts russia's basketball squad for the fast approaching european championships in lithuania is in the. raise a glass thomas bjorn wins american five month playoff to claim the johnnie walker
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championship at gleneagles. let's kick off a couple were sunday so a cracker of a job in the russian premier league sports hosting the leading pollution he stadium went into the cocky means keep a two month on be intact it was red white to seize the initiative right before the break heading home to me to compile strolls shot. right back into it half a dozen minutes after the break not the greatest of the offending from the home side allowing c. to do to take full advantage. one would become to sixty nine minutes in again sportstalk looking less than inspirational on the back zoran toss it's the man this time finding it however a contender for strike at the weekend would guarantee valarie coppins charges a point in money well emanate letting refer to to you but it's how they installed across the finish. line meaning c.s.k.
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have company at the summit for the first time in months and eight joining your men on top following a fight no rushing or f.c. krasnodar alexander project helping himself to brace for the how far mark incent petersburg after good work from downey the final leg. minutes were then turned into a goldfish persian gulf claiming his trip from the penalty spot before a brilliant folly from the man true cost me that for no five minutes one time the icing on the cake coming courtesy of downey a delightful chip making it with number three on the front work. culture in the dating elena kept the pressure off on the leaving her the third seeded side sing off sports true little fellow muscovites luck on t.v. also want to get so the russian opposition feeling down one nil while the routinely from some on g. and a fourth place with a one will win at home to rock bottom. smiles all across in
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manchester today out there for the red and blue house of the city rockstar cricket scores on sunday in their english premier league result of the two young dog in the ring at old trafford where money united arsenal heaviest defeat in eighty four years do not adjust your screen the score you're seeing is right eight truth how it ended when really nothing of the trick in the ops the demolition job but he helped himself to four goals as non city run at five one one as a way to us yet pointless united and city top of the table much some point after three games wins also on the day for stoke in utah. this polish premier league season kicked off this weekend champions barcelona in action later today against fionnuala they already playing catch up second favorites for the spanish title real madrid hitting zurich office for six on sunday goal number one simplicity itself miss it all silting up for stellar in all the hoops but with the scoring twenty
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four minutes in marcello would find the net minutes later with number three arriving after the hour mark zandi alonzo them on funding from outside the area. by the time to run now though had netted his second on reality fourth it was much too easy for the visitors. this time taking full advantage of the space afforded in front of the store across the bow i will. preclude judy arrive for the easiest of toppings for the world's most expensive for six no the final score reel search for first week funding for years to fly i david platt has named his final russian squad for the twenty eleven european basketball championships the team leisure taking on a number to select in moscow before they headed off for whedon's to tournaments start in lithuania n.b.a. stars to a famous go off on the regular olenka are expected to run in the team but will have some new teammates nizhny novgorod small forward semi on until it wasn't even on an
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old roll call feeney over on off is surprisingly absent b.c.'s his shooting guard left i picked up despite having a solid i think twenty ten world championships the side aiming for a second europe ask a title in three years take on ukraine in the opener on august thirty first. two all of russia's best ice hockey players are set to face off against each other for a noble cause alexander ovechkin to. each picking their teens for a charity match on wed and say the game being hosted for the second straight year proceeds will go to the simple children in the must a region time of study have a third presidential it's our colleagues who are who bitch instrumental in bringing the mission to life and he'll also be mixing up his skates if any not in public but shoot outs on the roofs off on the week's gallup just some of the names on the story list sure to be our revenge after losing the game last year.
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alex and i believe in doing good deeds because we have a lot of children in this country who need our house on this year's national future two periods of thirty minutes each and the crew who get to see the nearest stars from outside the hockey world as well. i pleasured want to help the kids because i think it's under great fool to be in a position to help others and not give back as far as the match we want to win unlike last year we should be able to find a way to take a victory as we have more of danny's a report. and other suit not for us. let's switch to golfer thomas bjorn held his nerve in scotland to secure the johnnie walker championship crown a danish veteran fending off the competition in a five fold playoff for a twelfth european tour when he won finishing the day on three hundred sixty nine mark foster george could see why is a problem arising which meant five extra holes who weren't really kept swinging
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away as he watched weisberg on the as a ball drop out of contention on the first and second goal respectively foster exited next on hold for your closing you know it's on for quite a mystery for the forty year old securing his second win of the season after also finishing. and moto g.p. casey stoner was finally able to conquer the brickyard circuit at the indianapolis free the strain racing to the seventh win of the season after feeling through the podium during his two previous are things in indy stoner he was on pole for the race but it was dummy to do so who put off to one of his trademark start stealing the lead of the twenty five rules to come on his honda stablemates trail passing the spot even left seven do some intending that second position fending off yamaha rivals ben spies and forget lorenzo underwriters have now won three straight races held on the american chart which the winner earning his third win in a rules one is lead over reigning champion little one's own feces to forty four
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i finally winter sports men are busy preparing for the new season including players of one of the most popular games in russia sunday but like that as it may be here it remains overshadowed globally by more stuff sports riches from poor fate takes up the story. if you want anyone outside of russia will scandinavia what is. a vast majority wouldn't have a clue however the game is very simple it's just my field hockey played on ice it may not be as big as football and ice hockey a band he still has a strong following in russia and sweden and one of the biggest stars around is mikhail station a group of his a household name in both these nations has been a big week for the russian canton as he rejoined his beloved denial of moscow following a spell in the swedish league this it i believe it is more fun to watch bandy in russia as the game is a lot quicker and there is more emphasis on attack in sweden the game is more
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tactically based and it's a little defensively orientated though they are very good at this is big business in russia but the sport is played professionally. for international matches can be upwards of thirty thousand players can expect to earn over one hundred fires and dollars a year whereas in sweden a monthly salary is in the region of just two to three thousand euros and in many of the players have to take up second jobs. the standard of bandy is increasing all the time being crease in salaries also helps but there are a number of other factors which are making the sport better and more and more popular in the likes of russia in sweden were a number of factors limiting the development of bandy firstly it's not olympic sport which means it difficult for associations in countries where the sport isn't as popular to get state funding also averts a very fast and exciting game to watch when understands the sheer speed of the game isn't suit t.v.
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or ball can be difficult to see as can sometimes be the case in field hockey and the myth that we need to try to spread the game more globally and play tournament's in countries where they came isn't as developed or the big championships take place in russia or in sweden we should try to play more in countries like finland norway and even in north america people read about the game in magazines. however it's only when they see you on t.v. that they can understand what the sport is all accounts ok let's go ice palace is one of the top only stadiums around the world and watching indoors can be a great benefit in the winter when temperatures aren't those drugs as well as minus thirteen however for harm fans of the sport in russia and sweden the team such cold is able to put them all fit for a post on which we don't see moscow there really is a great game live a lot it's all the sport for whether it's coming up in just a tax season. wealthy
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british style. markets. can. find out what's really happening to the global economy comes a report on our key. p.t.p.
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